Thursday, June 07, 2007

Play Ball!

Friday is opening day on the Mountaineers' fourth season and their first one as NECBL title holders. Last summer, the team rode the wave of steady play headed by a large group of returning players. Most of those players have moved on but apparently, the team is now enjoying a good reputation among college coaches. Therefore, the team is claiming they've been able to recruit even better players for this season. The Times-Argus has a nice pair of articles on the hitters and pitchers.

It looks like the fate of star player Curt Smith is up in the air depending on whether he gets drafted in today's MLB draft. If not, he'll play for VT this summer and return to Univ of Maine in the fall.

Before tomorrow night's game against Holyoke, there'll be a banner raising ceremony and festivities. I think they're expecting a crowd over 3,000 for the game. So, get there early.

The rest of the season's schedule can be found here. Why are we playing Team USA on June 22nd? This isn't an Olympic year.

By the way, despite being a very successful franchise, the Mountaineers website still stinks. It takes forever to load and looks sooo 1999.

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