Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kris Gruen | "Little Boxes"

We don't get Showtime (save our nickels for Fox Soccer Channel). So, I've never seen the show Weeds before. However, as I understand it, a different band each week performs a cover of Malvina Reynolds' song "Little Boxes" during the opening credits. You can stream the past covers on the Weeds website.

Well, Montpelier's own Kris Gruen has been asked to submit a cover of the song for the show also and he sent over the two versions he recorded. The first one is a clean version which his label, Mother West Records, decided to submit and the second one is a dirty version, which I prefer. However, despite my disagreement with his label over the better version, they're both good covers. I particularly like the fuzzy electric guitar in the background buzzing and accenting the acoustic guitar.

I haven't heard anything yet about whether the show's producers have chosen his cover or not. It's better than most of the other versions up on the site though.

Kris Gruen | Little Boxes (clean version)
Kris Gruen | Little Boxes (dirty version)


casey said...

Love that show. We'll be keeping our ears open for Gruen's version. Fingers crossed!

kylie said...

I REALLY would Love to hear his version on that show. I didn't know they asked him, but I definitely thought of him when I was watching the show. His version is my favorite of those I've heard, so hopefully we'll hear him soon!