Sunday, June 03, 2007

Farm's CD Release Party

St. Albans rock trio Farm will be performing at Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier this Wednesday to celebrate the release of their first LP, Gray Birds. Well, it was supposed to be a cd release party, but the 18 track long player got held up in the shop and won't be available until June 10th. It'll be a party none-the-less, as Farm will be teamed up with the North Country's Monsterbuck.

June 6 - Farm w/ Monsterbuck - Langdon Street Cafe

I had the following to say about Farm's show from last summer at Langdon Street: "...the music stayed stayed nestled in that neverworld where blues based-stoner rock and indie Americana meet." Click here to read the Times Argus's impression of Gray Birds.

From Esquire magazine to poor man's Walt Disney, Monsterbuck is truly fascinating. Click here to read a great blog post about their songs' "gorgeous melodies" and backstory. Upstate represent!

And mark your calendars now, as Farm is scheduled to play an August show at Burlington's Kriya Studio with one of the country's best alt/americana outfits, The Kamikaze Hearts.

Farm - Spineless.mp3


casey said...

Yay Farm!

But the Times Argus got at least one detail wrong: It's their second disc.

It's also one of my final 7D reviews.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you guys. . .I'm glad you pointed out that the guys in farm are probably some of the greatest human beings that have ever lived.

jds said...

The TA got MANY details wrong, such as the date of the show (the correct date is at the end). But who am I to talk, I called it their first LP. Which isn't totally wrong, given the last one was under a different band name, but not completely correct either.

Casey, I wish I read your review before I wrote (which is obviously what the TA guy did), as it is filled with gems:
"...lovely sonic pillow."
"...spooky-ass Americana that’s unpretentiously rural yet musically sophisticated."
"The drums are slightly trashy, which gives the tune a ragged majesty."
"The third foot, if they had one, would surely be in the grave."