Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Blue Van

I've actually been meaning to post about The Blue Van for almost two years. However, I kept forgetting or putting it off. This actually happens with a lot of stuff. The Blue Van is just the worst example of it. To combat this problem, I've actually started keeping a pad of paper on my desk to write down things I want to post about. Sometimes I feel like the guy in Memento with no short-term memory.

Regardless, back to The Blue Van. These garage rockers hail from the Kingdom of Denmark, started playing together in 6th grade, moved to Brooklyn for a while, played 50 shows in NYC and I think are now back in Europe. If you like that classic garage rock with a big organ sound, these guys are for you.

They also must be some of the strongest musicians on the circuit because they apparently lug that 425 lb. Hammond organ to all of their gigs. Upstairs shows must suck.

In 2005, they released The Art of Rolling and last year, they came back in 2006 with Dear Independence. It isn't anything that progresses the garage rock art form but it's good music for blaring out your windows on a hot summer afternoon.

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