Friday, June 08, 2007

Reminder: Dinosaur Jr | Higher Ground | June 10th

Just a quick reminder that Dinosaur Jr roll into town this weekend to play Higher Ground on Sunday night. The bonus is that Lou Barlow will be playing opener, as well as Dino band member. Tickets still appear to be available via Higher Ground's website.

On a down note, the Snowden show has been canceled. There wasn't any reason given. Too bad. I was looking forward to jumping back and forth between the two shows.

Dinosaur Jr | The Wagon | Buy
Dinosaur Jr | Puke + Cry | Buy


Brad said...

Wouldn't be surprised if a lack of pre-show ticket sales made them realize that scheduling the show against Dino Jr. was... unwise.

Anonymous said...

Puke+Cry is a bad link.

Flatlander said...

Brad, I agree. I'm guessing the same thing. It's too bad though because I was looking forward to seeing Snowden.

Thanks forthe tip about the bad link. I'll fix itwhen I gethome. Fileden has a problem with symbols in the titles of songs.

Peter said...

I e-mailed Snowden about their cancellation and here was their response

"Jordan Jeffares
to me

show details
12:09 (7 hours ago)
I'm so sorry friend. Between the ticket sales and the venue being a
bit out of the way our agent suggested we rest. We'll make it up
there soon! Thank you so much for reaching out!"