Sunday, June 17, 2007

Counting Backwards From 1,000

The best man in my wedding and occasional commenter on this blog, NDFromNJ, is also writing his own blog these days. His involves brief movie reviews and is called Counting Backwards from 1,000. However, Nik has a great sense of humor which makes his reviews pretty entertaining.

Here's his entire review of Original Sin:

"Antonio Bandaras bangs Angelina Jolie like a wind up monkey bangs his little tin drum. I am pretty sure other stuff happened but I don't know what it was."
Here's his take on The Fountain:
"It sucks. It's pretentious. It's Sucktentious."
There's also plenty of more serious reviews on his site of movies he liked. Check 'em out.

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Anonymous said...

Good site. He sees things pretty much the same way I do.

There's a similar site,, called The Filthy Critic. He's a bit more long-winded and somewhat into his own schtick but it's funny to read him rant about crappy flicks. Nik's site seems to be a bit more concise, which is a welcome change.

Current flicks out now that get my stamp of approval include comedies like Hot Fuzz and Knocked Up, and more dramatic offerings like Paris Je T'aime and the wonderfully bittersweet Away From Her.