Sunday, June 17, 2007

Barter More Kale

I had missed Bo's post on his blog earlier this year but I think, based upon this follow-up post, Bo's offer to do a barter exchange for his t-shirts is still valid.

Here's how Bo describes the deal:

I have an offer for you. I’d like to trade you one of my hand-made shirts for something from you. You could trade almost anything….art, crafts, a pick from a Bon Jovi concert, photos, music, t-shirts, poems, autographed napkins, a food that your town is known for, you get the picture. My shirts are worth @$23 per…so I hope you’ll send me something worth more than a buck or two…dig? You can just send it (whatever) to me, or you can email me ahead of time. Contact me through my site. So, in return for your trade, you tell me what size and whether you want a men’s, womens, or kids style. I’M GOING TO SURPRISE YOU WITH THE COLOR AND DESIGN. It will not say “Eat More Kale”! I’m going to send one of my more “limited edition” shirts.
Pretty good offer since his shirts generally go for about $20 a piece. The rest of the details are in his full post.

By the way, you can also get a free Eat More Kale screensaver on Bo's site now.

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