Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tighe Dombrowski's Bomb

This might be the best goal of the year for any American playing abroad. It's from Tighe Dombrowski, who is originally from Wisconsin but now plays for IK Sirius in Sweden's Superettan (2nd division).

The only thing taking away from this 45-yard blast is that it might have deflected off a defender. I can't tell if Dombrowski just put a lot of swerve on the ball or if it ricocheted off the defender's head. Regardless, putting one in from 45 yards is pretty sweet.

Oh, and check out the crappy stadium the game is being played in. It looks like a high school field but the clip seems to have been taken from a TV broadcast. I guess Swedes like their soccer enough to watch it on TV but not enough to build a decent stadium.

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Uv said...

You're completely right about the stadium: Falkenbergs IP is one of the worst stadiums in Swedish 2nd division. Too bad he didn't score it at home - Studenternas IP is perhaps no diamond, but at least we tend to pack it up a whole lot better!

Regarding the stunning goal, I'm pretty sure it went straight in.