Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Considering that Sodastream called it quits earlier this year, I'm a few months late with this post. However, who cares...they might be new to you.

I stumbled across this Aussie pair about a year ago when I fell for their cover of "Southside of the World" on the Will Oldham tribute disc I Am A Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass. It's dark and somber yet captivating, melodic and accessible. They sounded like some sort of a cross between Doveman and Belle & Sebastian.

That led me to emusic and a copy of their 2004 album A Minor Revival. The album isn't as dark in its sound as that Oldham cover but the broad chamber pop sound was still there despite being a duo. The songs are generally fed from an acoustic guitar but also contain cello, piano, drums, horns and back-up vocals. Yes, their sound isn't original but it's hard to deny an album so chock full of enjoyable songs.

I just wish I had been a fan of theirs back in April of 2004 when they played Radio Bean in Burlington. My bad.

Sodastream | Brass Lines | Buy
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Sodastream | Southside of the World (Will Oldham cover) | Buy

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