Monday, July 31, 2006

Lunchtime Baseball | UPDATE

Quick reminder for those folks in the Montpelier area...The Vermont Mountaineers will be playing a noon make-up game on Tuesday, Aug. 1st against Holyoke. The game doesn't mean anything to the Mountaineers since they clinched first place in the Northern Division by beating Concord on Sunday, 4-2. However, Holyoke and Lowell are battling for the last and final playoff spot. Whoever gets the spot will be the Mountaineers first round opponent starting on Wednesday in Montpelier.

I have a 1pm meeting tomorrow but I think I'm going to try to hit it for a few innings and a hot dog. Something different to do during lunch.

There is a chance that the game will be cancelled if some combination of wins and losses occur on Monday night throughout the league. However, I'm not sure what that scenario is. I'll just check the Mountaineers site on Tuesday morning to see if the game is still scheduled.

UPDATE: Both Holyoke and Lowell lost last night. So, the game is on for noon in Montpelier today (assuming it doesn't get rained out). Holyoke actually has to also play in Keene, NH tonight at 7pm to complete their season. Considering the heat and rain today, Holyoke has a long day ahead of them.

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