Saturday, July 22, 2006

Performance Art Update | UPDATE

So, my post from last week about the performance artist at the Montpelier Farmers' Market was picked up by Seven Days and appeared in last Wednesday's issue. I don't know if the short piece in Seven Days had any impact but things were a little different this week.

As expected, the artist had a different outfit on, as you can see. Plus, they were standing on the platform this week with their cloak hanging to the ground which gave the impression they were as tall as Herman Munster.

The two weird differences this week though were how people were reacting to the artist and how the artist was reacting to the market goers. The first two weeks, people were kind of standoffish and unsure what was going on. This week, it was a party with kids going right up to the artist, lots of photos being taken and plenty of laughs and giggles from people as they passed.

However, the warmer relations weren't just one-way. The artist, who in the past had purposely ignored everyone, was now shaking hands, waving to kids and posing for pictures. Still silent but much more engaged with folks.

Hell, it's gone from being a bit creepy to the point where he/she is basically the mascot of the market. The Mountaineers have Skip and, now, the Farmer's Market has this.

UPDATE: If you want to see what the person was wearing the first week, the blog Runs With Scissors has a good photo of the person from that initial day.


KrisUnderwood said...

yeah-i saw this at the farmers market.
I thought this was more impressive than the last. Plus-the very appropriate music (was it clarinet?) gave it (the performance) some mood. When I first saw this performer (last weekend At the farmer's market) i thought: what. is. this.? Kinda creepy. but so damn cool!

Flatlander said...

Yeh, it was creepy when I first saw him/her a few weeks ago but I was genuinely interest in going to the market this morning just to see what they would have on.

It loses its shock value pretty quickly.

KrisUnderwood said...

I wonder if this is Bread and Puppet stuff...

Flatlander said...

I'm guessing that it's more likely that it's some of the artsy folks who hang at Langdon Street Cafe and Black Sheep Books.