Friday, July 14, 2006

The Jazz Guys | Phantom Buffalo | Danielson | Coming to Higher Ground | July 21st

Alright. I'm done guest blogging over on extrawack. Time to get on with VT business.

The best show of the summer at Higher Ground will be next Friday night - July 21st. Three good bands for $10 ($8 in advance). With the exception of the creme stand, that's the best deal you find.

The first band at 8:00 will be Portland's (ME; not OR) Phantom Buffalo. It took a little while for these guys to grow on me but now I'm making special plans to get my ass there in time to see them. They have a bright guitar pop sound but it isn't overly sweet. The singers high-pitched voice can take a little getting used to but now I love it.

You can downlaod all the mp3 files of their in-studio radio performance at WMPG from last February.

After them comes the Queen City's reigning indie champs, The Jazz Guys; hot on the heels of their debut EP, Blessing in Disguise. In classic Jazz Guys fashion, a show can't just be a show. They always throw in a little something extra. This time, they are having a contest and giveaway. They are going to have a show poster up on their site which fans can print off, color & decorate, and then bring to the show. The first 100 folks who show up with flashy show posters get a special gift. Mums the word on the gift though. I'm hoping for a Smoker Father Christmas because I'm loving my new one.

I can't find the poster on their site yet so I'm guessing it isn't up yet. However, once it is up, I'll post again about it. Maybe I'll print off a whole bunch and let my kids' daycare classes color them in.

Either way, it should be an entertaining set.

Capping the evening will be Danielson. The blogosphere is raving about their new album, Ships, but they aren't clicking for me. Perhaps seeing them live will make a difference for me. At the very least, their use of costumes and props should provide for some amusing visual moments. But they could compeltely suck and it would still be a good show because Phantom Buffalo and The Jazz Guys are playing.

By the way, jds at Lat 44.2N has been loving Phantom Buffalo and Danielson for a while now. For more (and better written) posts on them, go here and here respectively.

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Nick said...

how did you like the show?
were you able to grab any of the burned phantom buffalo cds?