Saturday, July 22, 2006

M. Ward | Coming to Montreal | Sep 12th

M. Ward, the savant of warm acoustic tunes, will be playing La Sala Rosa in Montreal on Tuesday, Sep 12th. I can't seem to figure out whether he's touring with a backing band or not though.

In the past, Ward has done both but I've only seen him play solo live. While he does a good job of using digital loops and mutliple mics to build a full sound, I'm interested in seeing him with a band the next time; particularly if I'm going to drive to Montreal on a Tuesday night.

Plus, his upcoming album, Post-War (Aug 22nd release), is a more expansive album than his previous works. So, I think he would have a tougher time replicating them live when playing solo. So, if anyone knows if he's bringing a band with him or not, please let me know. It'll probably determine whether I make the trek to Montreal or not.

The other possiblity is a Burlington show. This is pure speculation but I noticed that M. Ward has Wednesday, Sep 13th open on his tour calendar (between his Montreal show and NYC show on the 14th. So, he's going to be driving through the area anyway. Why not pick up another show? The problem is that Dan Bern is already playing the small room at Higher Ground that night. Maybe M. Ward could tap into some of that private college money at Dartmouth or Bennington College.

Regardless, I'm enjoying the new album and hope he delivers it live with a full band.

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cj howareya said...

Chinese Translation is fantastic. Back to his best.

Big thanks, as usual.