Monday, July 31, 2006

Spinto Band | Alumni News

Hey, what's more "rock 'n roll" than getting interviewed for your college alumni magazine? That's right...nothing.

Seriously, I love The Spinto Band and recently learned of this recent interview that Tom & Sam Hughes did with their alma mater, Bennington College. In fact, Bennington is so stoked about it, it's on the front page of the college's website. Perhaps, that'll draw a bunch of indie kids to Vermont the same way Phish dragged in a plethora of jam fans to UVM. I doubt it but I have my dreams.

I particularly like how The Spintos get a big picture on the front page of the site while two other alumni only get a small link to their story about being named "Voices of Their Generation" by Time. I like how Bennington prioritizes things. Screw the literature guys...we want rock 'n roll!

Here's an interesting tidbit from the Bennington article:

Thomas joined the band committee on Bennington's Campus Activities Board, in part to help book gigs for the Spinto Band at Sunfest and in the Downstairs Café. Other band members attending Syracuse and American University followed suit, and they soon had an ongoing East Coast tour established.
Smart kids. Good idea for other "high school going onto college" bands to copy.

Besides doing interviews and touring Europe, The Spintos will be the opening band on a killer US fall tour...Art Brut, We Are Scientists and The Spintos will be touring together. You can find the listing of tour dates on the Spintos website. The only thing that would make that tour better would be if Team Band was on the bill also.

The closest the tour comes to Vermont is Boston. We Are Scientists will have dropped off the tour at that point but that's fine with me because I really just want to see Art Brut and The Spintos. They'll be playing at Middle East on Monday Oct. 16th (not listed on MidEast's site yet but is on The Spintos site).

To get an idea of their live sound, emusic also has an exclusive live album from The Spintos' show at Maxwell's last summer.

Lastly, here's the video for The Spintos' "Oh, Mandy" which I guess has also been picked up for a Sears commercial. Anyone seen it?

The Spinto Band | Late | buy the rest of the album

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jds said...

I don't know what videos the kids are watching these days (except for Hasselhoff, of course), but that one's pretty stellar.