Saturday, July 22, 2006

Beemer Bikes Everywhere

Are you wondering why you're seeing so many BMW motorcycles this weekend? It's because 8,000 BMW owners have descended on the Queen City for their 2006 BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Rally. It seems like everytime I turn around I see another bike and some dude in eurotrash leathers. And Montpelier is 40 minutes from the rally. I can just imagine what it's like in the Burlington area.

I generally can't stand motorcycles (or "monster turtles" as my 2-year-old calls them) because of the noise. However, I think my bias has been skewed by the preponderance of Harleys we see (and unfortunately hear) in Vermont. However, I've noticed these BMW bikes are a lot more quiet. So, it hasn't been too annoying.

And the bikes are kind of cool to check out. Some the bikes are pretty packed. In fact, some seem to have more metal on them than my old VW Rabbit had in the early 90's.

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