Thursday, July 20, 2006

Amen Break

Are you curious about the history and orgin of a famous 6-sec. drum break sample called the Amen Break? Got 18 minutes to kill? Click below.


Jim said...

As a music geek, I can say that that is absolutely fascinating.

casey said...

A friend recently e-mailed me saying that he was afraid to post to my blog because:

"It's nearly impossible to be sincere on most
blogs without getting murdered by commentators
dying to adhere to strict regiments of cynicism in all things great and small."

It could be true. So allow me to say in utmost sincerity: False 45th RULEZ!!!

Flatlander said...


I have no idea what the hell your friend is talking about. But if it translates into good things about False 45th...thanks.