Sunday, July 16, 2006

Editors | Coming to Montreal | Aug 1st

OK. I know that not everyone is crazy about Editors (I'm looking at you, Casey). However, after having the album for six months or so, I still find myself playing it regularly. There's still about 4-5 songs on the album that I don't like and find to be quite bland. But the rest of it is delicious.

So delicious in fact, that I'm willing to hike up to Montreal to hear that half of the album. Plus, I've heard from friends that they are pretty damn good live. I missed their Burlington show back in March when I already had tickets for Silver Jews in Boston right before the show and Arctic Monkeys in Montreal the day after the show. It just would have been too much to hit a third show. But Editors have given me a second chance.

The show will be at Cabaret La Tulipe (9pm) which is a nice old theater with a great sound system; and easy to get to. The opening band will be Lake Trout who is also opening for The Flaming Lips at UVM in September. Download a few of Lake Trout's songs here.

By the way, check out their tour itinerary. It's a recipe for "band burnout". In one month, they are going to hit Canada, US, Japan, Austria, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Isle of Jersey and then Turkey; in that order. Geez, and I was bitching about hitting Boston and Montreal in one week.

If you want to download their four-song acoustic session they did for a French radio station, click here.

Editors | Lights
Editors | French Disko (Sterolab cover)
Editors | Feel Geed Inc (Gorillaz cover)


b.f. said...

Editors after spending a nice summer day in Montreal? Dude, it doesn't get much better than that.

Flatlander said...

Well, for me, it'll be "Editors after spending a nice summer evening in Montreal". We'll leave Montpelier around 5pm, get up there around 7pm, grab some dinner and head over to the show. One of the guys going to the show (the guy I plugged on your site) is writing a book on oysters. So, we'll probably hit a place for some oysters research for dinner.

Either way though, you're right. It doesn't get much better.

casey said...

Lake Trout. I wonder when they'll catch a break? Their long-ass (10 + years) haul from Phish clones to claustrophobic electro-rockers has been complete for a while.

Perhaps they should've changed their name. When I think of pre-apocylyptic malaise and breakbeats, lakes and trouts are two nouns rarely come to mind.

Have fun at Editors, though.