Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Iron & Wine | Calexico Live on NPR | Nov 30th

Sorry about the late notice folks but at 10pm EST tonight, NPR's All Songs Considered will broadcast Iron & Wine | Calexico live from the 9:30 Club in DC.

The link to start streaming the show isn't up yet but if you go to this site around 10pm, I'm guessing that we'll be able to find the link to the show.

If you miss the performance, they occasionally archive the shows. So, it may be worth checking the site again later.

By the way, if you want some mp3 files of the two bands performing together. Big O has some very high quality files available from their performance at The Triple Door in Seattle. The two covers of the VU's "All Tomorrow's Parties" and The Stones' "Wild Horses" are worth the visit alone.

The tour will be coming to Montreal next week (Dec 8th). JDS and I are heading on up for the show. Right now, the weather forecast is clear. I hope it stays that way becasue the drive back from The Black Keys show sucked.

UPDATE: The host of the program just said that the concert will be archived. The highlights of the show will even be available in tomorrow's All Things Considered podcast. He said the podcast should be available late tomorrow afternoon.

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