Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nathaniel Mayer

The opening act for The Black Keys on Thursday night (11/17) Cabaret La Tulipe in Montreal is expected to be Nathaniel Mayer. I had never heard of the guy before I spent some time trying to decide whether it was worth getting up there in time for the opener. However, it sounds like he'll be a fun opener and worth the early arrival.

Mayer is a soul singer from Detroit who had a few Top 40 hits back in the early 60's with fantastic song titles like "I Want Love and Affection (Not a House of Corrections)". However, after a falling out with his record label, he disappeared until recently when DJs started digging his 45s out of bins and spinning them. The renewed interest got him signed to soul label Fat Possum where he just released his first full-length album four decades after his initial success.

Rock Star Diary had a favorable review of his performance at Warsaw in Brooklyn over the weekend and that suit looks spectactular. A little 60's showmanship in the 21st Century. Love it.

It's actually amazing that Mayer is performing at all since it appears that he had a stroke back in August. I was debating whether to go to the show or not due to a lingering hacking cough I can't shake. But if Mayer is prepared to strut his stuff three months after stroke, the least I can do is make the drive.

By the way, if you want a quick preview of The Black Keys' performance, Fat Possum has a 45 second clip of their live DVD on their site. The only potential downside to this show is the fact that The Black Keys apparently wait a really long time before taking the stage. Misanthrope said that they took a hour to set up one guitar and a drum set the other night at Warsaw. At least I know this in advance and can adjust my expectations.

Nathaniel Mayer - I Found Out
Nathaniel Mayer - Stick It or Lick It

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