Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mohawk Lodge

I love listening to my iPod while walking through the airport. The combination of being an anonymous soul and having music blocking out all the other sounds, makes me feel like I'm not really there. I'm somehow floating through the airport. It doesn't matter if the tunes pumping into my ears are loud or mellow. It all works.

Well, the one of the tunes that got me through my flights down to DC and back was Mohawk Lodge's "Making Music". It's an acoustic folk number with bass, drums, occassional handclaps and Ryder Havdale's warm vocals.

I haven't gotten the full album, Rare Birds, yet but if the rest of the tunes hold up to "Making Music" it would be a dman fine album. However, they usually don't hold up and that's the rub but I'm always the optimist (and they're Canadians) so I'll give it a whirl. Even though that background photo on their website is very troubling.

Mohawk Lodge - Making Music

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