Monday, November 21, 2005

Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest | For Sale

Patrick Mullikin sold Riverwalk Records a month or so ago. However, it now appears that he has retain the rights to the names Howard BEAN Cafe and The Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest. Apparently, he has received trademarks for the names and is willing to sell them to the highest bidder. has some quotes from Mullikin regarding the Dylan contest:

“While I have kept it a free community event, it does have the potential to be a money-maker for the right company or individual — say, for example, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. From a publicity standpoint, this event it is priceless. Dylan’s popularity continues to grow, and people are willing to stand up before an audience to imitate him. Odder yet is that there is an audience willing to watch all this.”
Wow. In one paragraph, he manages to just about kill the event for me. Between his desire to turn it into a corporate event and mocking the people who have attended it by showing surprise at their interest in watching the event, he turned the contest from a goofy night of fun for Montpelier into something less desireable. I always felt he was a part of the community; not someone mocking it and looking to make a quick buck off it.

Perhaps I'm being overly sensitive but I wish I hadn't read those quotes from Mullikin regarding the contest.

By the way, I finally got a chance today to spend some time rolling through the racks at the new Riverwalk Records. I'm not a vinyl collector so I don't know how his prices stack up but the selection seemed pretty good. The REM section had some interesting live bootlegs from the early 80's and the concert posters included a bunch of cool shows from the 90's at the Filmore, Roseland, Trocadero and many others. Plus, Jake was really helpful and not the least bit pushy.


jds said...

You aren't being overly sensitive. It's a good thing that he didn't start opening his trap like that until after he was off State Street.

I got some major vinyl finds yesterday at Buch Spiiler. The prices were fantastic and the selection was better then I was hoping. I finally picked up the Blind Faith album that I've been searching for for years. Related post coming soon (including a photo of the original Polyphonic Spree!).

The Contrarian said...

It think not everyone gets Mr. Mulliken's particular brand of humor. While I believe he is perhaps deluding himself as to the worth of the Howard Bean name and his Dylan contest, his well-heeled mockery of participants isn't at all out of character. In fact, it's what made the events bearable. Patrick is a fantastic MC -- there's some latent stand-up talent there.

Besides, it really IS odd that so many people are willing to mangle Dylan tunes for 3 hours in a sweltering building with no air conditioning. And stranger still that a sizable chunk of the community will cheer them on.

Oh, and you scooped me!


Flatlander said...

Actually, scooped both of us.