Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sock Sale

This morning, my sister, son, two nieces and I headed over to Northfiled for the annual sock sale at the factory of Cabot Hosiery Mills. Cabot Hosiery Mills is one of the dwindling numbers of clothing manufacturers in the US but they still do about $9M a year in sales (~10,000 pairs of socks a week).

Their socks are usually sold under the name of national brands like The Gap, American Outfitter, etc. but once a year, they open the doors of the factory and sell the socks to the local folks. Socks that normally retail for $10-$15 per pair are sold for $1-$3. It's a great deal.

The sale always runs during the two weekends of deer hunting season basically to give the wives something to do while their husbands are off in the woods. Since I'm not a hunter, it's basically me and a shitload of old ladies at the sale. It's not my most testosterone moment but I love getting a few pair of high quality socks at cheap prices each year.

The sock sale isn't widely advertised because the word-of-mouth alone generates about 10,000 shoppers each year. It'll still be running next weekend so if you want to go and are looking for details, try calling the mill at 802-485-6066. The success of the sock sale has led a few other companies to piggyback on its success and have their own sales at the same time. There is a t-shirt/sweatshirt sale at Norwich University that benefits Northfield Hockey and Black Diamond has a sale on fleece clothing at their factory on Gallison Hill Road in Montpelier.

By the way, that isn't an optical illusion in the photo. My right foot really is a lot smaller than my left. My left is a size 13 and my right is a size 11.


jds said...

That sock sale is a big deal. I usually don't go because of the crazy long lines. I've rarely found it worth it to wait in a line for 2 hrs to save 6 bucks.

For more on the Cabot Hosiery, check out this crazy indepth article from Vermont Business Magazine:

In another illustration of the difference between Barre and Montpelier, we had the "Hunter's Widow" sale on Saturday morning. From 6am-9am nearly all downtown businesses were also trying to capitalize off of the men chasing after the deer with 15-30% off.

Yup, you have "Moonlight Madness" and we have "Hunter's Widows."

yankunian said...

That's hilarious. I was all set to write a nice long post about the sock sale, but ya beat me to the punch. I'm going next weekend ... hope there are some good ones left.

Flatlander said...

I've seen long lines in the past, however, there weren't any lines at all yesterday around 9:30am. Perhaps, that's the trick...go during Sunday morning church

yankunian, my post is very pedestrian and just meant to be onformative. I'm sure your post would provide much greater insight to the nut-house that is the Sock Sale. So, please, let 'er rip.

Anonymous said...

LD said..
Well Jethro this proves it. You really are abnormal, big footed freak of nature. Thank God you live in Vermont and have an ear for music. Otherwise, we would have to ship you off to the traveling circus with the bearded midget man and the fat lady with three tits.