Monday, November 28, 2005

Eux Autres

OK. I'm diggin' on Eux Autres but I don't get the French thing.

Heather and Nicholas Larimer were born in Omaha and moved to Portland, OR to start a band; just the two of them. Heather on drums and Nicholas on guitar. So far, everything makes sense to me. Sounds like a few other recent indie bands. But here's the twist...half the time they sing in French.

Hey, whatever floats their boat (or allows them to separate from the field). The fact is that their album Hell is Eux Autres kicks ass (or "donne un coup de pied l'âne" according to the Google translator). It's classic 60's Euro-pop straight out of central casting. Bopping beat. Bright guitar melodies. Handclaps. Shared vocals.

The bonus is that they seem to be soccer fans. Viva La Omaha!

Eux Autres - Ecoutez Bien
Eux Autres - Other Girls
Eux Autres - The Sundance Kid
Eux Autres - Partick Nil

By the way, the blog, Hello Gina tipped me off to Eux Artres. Many thanks.

One more thing...Heather used to date Stephen Malkmus and joined him on stage for some of his shows with The Jicks. Hey, I've now worked Malkmus into back-to-back posts that really had nothing to do with him.


Gina said...

They're pretty sweet, huh? Seem to pick up where "Le pastie de la bourgeoisie" left off.

Flatlander said...

Thanks for the tip, Gina. said...

This cannot really work, I feel so.