Saturday, November 12, 2005

McRorie-One Man Live

What traits does someone possess to find themselves living the life of McRorie Tait? Is it a greedy man that chooses to be an entire band themselves? Is it a conceited man that believes they alone are better than an entire band? Or is it just a matter of using a gimmick to gain attention in a crowded music marketplace? Or is it just that he's Canadian?

Regardless of what the engine behind the formation of McRorie-One Man Live, it's bizarre to watch. Who are these people that hire him to perform Santana's "Low Rider"?

So many questions and so few answers. Although, it's ironic that he can do it all himself but the Go! Team has six folks on stage and still have to pump in pre-recorded tracks.

courtesy of Insound


mcrorie said...

Performing and recording as a solo musician is fun.It has nothing to do with your limited few of life.McRorie

mcrorie said...

That should be "view" not "few" and I am sure that is what I sent the first time.Lets see if this comment gets changed:I enjoy what I do as a solo musician and your questions as to why I perform says alot about your view of life.Good luck,McRorie.