Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Laakso is an example of Last.FM paying dividends.

The other day, I was checking out my musical neighbors on my Last.FM account when I noticed that the person with the closest match to my musical tastes was some 26 year-old lady from the US who goes by "meteorology". This is an improvement since my closest match used to be some kid in high school in South Korea.

So, I noticed that her second most listen to band was some outfit called Laakso that I had never heard of before. A few minutes later and I was groovin' to Laakso's nifty little ditty, "High Drama".

All of the press articles about them seem to be in Swedish and their website is short on details so I don't know a lot about them but here is what I've managed to decypher:

- They are from Sweden and met at a university near Uppsala.

- They've released three LPs and two EPs since early 2003. Their most recent album was released this September and is called My Gods.

- Their website sucks.

- You can only buy their most recent albums at their gigs which all seem to be in places I'll never visit. Hence, their website sucks.

- They are friends with The Concretes who played on their most recent album which can only be bought at their gigs which explains why their website sucks.

Seriously, the song "High Drama" is a cool bit of SwedePop which gets rocking during the last furlong. You can also stream other tunes from the High Drama EP here.

Laakso - High Drama

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