Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ronaldino Footage

In the age of sci-fi editing techniques, you never know whether what you are seeing is real or not, but this video clip of Ronaldinho warming up with a ball is unbelievable. It has to be fake because I just can't believe that someone can nail the crossbar four straight times like that and to get a perfect rebound every time. Regardless, it's still an entertaining clip.

On another soccer note, the US plays a friendly match tomorrow against the Scottish National Team in Glasgow. The match will be on Fox Soccer Channel at 11am EST. A lot of young guys are going to be given a chance to prove themselves which will make the match mildly interesting. However, Scotland is running out a B-team too. So, it may be difficult to guage the performances. It may work better as a chance to rule players out rather than rule anybody in.

Lastly, MLS Cup will be played in Dallas on Sunday (ABC 3:30pm EST) between Los Angeles Galaxy and New England Revolution. The Revolution won the Eastern Conference while LA struggled to a fourth place finish in the West. However, I think LA is going to win the Cup. They've been playing well lately and Landon Donovan is having a good playoff run. Meanwhile, the Revolution cooled off after a blistering first half of the season and then almost got bumped from the playoffs in the first round by the Metros. LA 2-1.

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Jim said...

On MLS Cup - Whichever team's defense shows up will win the game. Right now, I give that edge to LA's defense, although neither back four really strikes fear into the heart of MLS opponents.

Off to the pub to watch USA/Scotland. I hope to see Chris Rolfe get some playing time, and I hope that Spector will shine today. I'd like to see him make the World Cup team.