Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Clap Your Hands Say "Vomit Launch"

Fake Science has an interesting podcast on their site regarding the role that record labels will play in the future and what the new business model will look like for indie bands as a result of the impact that the internet has had on the scene. Specifically, they discuss Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and whether their success can be replicated by other bands. Joining the discussion is Larry Crane who is currently the editor of Tape Op magazine and formerly the bass player in legendary indie rock band Vomit Launch.

You can either download the podcast or stream it from the Fake Science site. To download it, right-click on "Clap Your Hands and Say 'Vomit Launch'". To stream it, left-click on the blue arrow next to the podcast link.

The good point that Crane brings up is how much work is involved in promoting a band. He notes that musicians are interested in playing their music and are often not interested in the business activities of the band. I imagine that it kills a lot of the fun of being in a band when you know you have to get up in the morning to join a conference call with some lawyers.

One amusing moment during the podcast is when they are discussing the difficulties of arranging licensing deals without the help of a label. I'm sure this was a solid point back in October when they recorded the podcast. However, it appears that CYHSY has managed that task nicely since one of their songs was used in last night's episode of The Office.

By the way, if you aren't familiar with Crane's prior band, Vomit Launch, I included a link to their beautiful tune, "Hallways", from their 1987 album Not Even Pretty. If there had been an internet back then, Vomit Launch may have had a shot. However, there weren't any mp3 blogs to hype them so I think a lot of people just laughed at their name and moved on. They're occasionally called the original indie rock band but they're sound still holds up today, 18 years later. The guitars harken back to early REM but Trish Rowland's vocals remind me of Barbara Manning and it's all wrapped in that ubiquitous early 90's lo-fi production.

Vomit Launch - Hallways

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