Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Carolina Pranksters

This is sophmoric but damn funny.

About two years ago, some merry pranksters (AKA drunk college students) realized that the local news station, News 14 Carolina, allowed schools, daycare centers and businesses to use the internet to enter information related to "bad weather closings". However, nobody at News 14 Carolina was reviewing this information before it started scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen. That's how you get hilarious moments like the one captured in this picture.

I don't get all of their witty puns and "inside Carolina" jokes but they have a bunch of these screenshots on this site here.


jds said...

My favs are the "Windows 32 Exception Error" and Tommy "Tutone Jenny at 8675309." Genius.

b.f. said...

The R.Kelly one is pretty great too. Nice one.

Flatlander said...

I don't get the Windows 32 Exception Error joke. What is that error related to?

These kids and their crazy computer talk!

jds said...

The Windows Exception Errors are pretty common. It's sort of like PC Load Letter. I find it so dang hilarious because the tv message is telling the viewer to restart their computer. Talk about mixed medium.