Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Up For Auction

Any longtime fan of River Run restaurant in Plainfield will immediately recognize this building. It's the former location of the famed southern cooking / breakfast joint / bar. The place was much too small for such a popular restaurant but you couldn't beat the character of the place with it's warped floor, tilting walls, creaking doors and sloped porch. It felt like home and something magical at the same time; perhaps it was just because the food was so good.

One lesser known tidbit of the building is that it was the original location of A Single Pebble, the excellent Asian restaurant that later moved to Barre and to its current home in Burlington.

Well, the building is now up for auction. The auction will be on Wednesday, Feb 13 @ 11am (register by 10am). The place is only 750 sqft. so it's a bit tight for whatever moves in there. However, considering the success of the last two restaurants there, it's clear that there's a market in the area that'll support good food in that location.

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pc said...

Another tidbit: it's the original Plainfield post office.
Would someone please purchase it and open a bakery?