Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Top Ad Music of 2007

Adtunes is a blog that tracks the ins and outs of music in commercials and each year they post their most memorable musical moments in advertising.

So, here are a few of the commercials they mentioned:

Mates of State Pimping AT&T

The Buzzcocks Hawking AARP

Sun Volt Covering The Beatles to Peddle Beckham

Joshua Radin Covering Yaz to Push JC Penny

Lastly, it isn't on YouTube but Teddybears got their song "Cobrastyle" into yet another commercial. This one was for Secret Deodorant which can be seen here. That makes it about 28 appearances for that song in various commercials, TV shows and films. It's amazing what a good song and a good agent can do for a band's bank account. It all started with this Heineken Ad in 2005:

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Peter said...

Ah! I saw that Mates of State commercial before watching some live moments from Lolla online last year. I broke my back for an hour trying to find it on youtube. Alas that's the only song I like by them...