Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Evan Farrell | 1974 - 2007

After a long break for the holidays, we'll be back to posting the final year end surveys this week. However, before we get back into that, I wanted to post about Evan Farrell's recent death since he was once a part of the Burlington music scene.

Evan Farrell, the bass player in Rogue Wave and Japonize Elephants, died on December 23 in an apartment fire in Oakland when a space heater caught fire in the middle of the night. I didn't know Farrell but when Rogue Wave played Higher Ground in 2006, he talked about how he used to live in Burlington and worked at Ali Baba's Kebab shop. He even had a good line when some people cheered his mention of Ali Baba's saying, "Oh, I see. You've been drunk before."

Since his death, I've been reading a few articles/posts about him and, apparently, he lived in Burlington with his older brother, Liam, before leaving for Indiana University. One of the comments in this post talks about how he was a crazy guy and played in a few Burlington bars while underage. Perhaps some of the longtime Burlington scenesters remember his time here.

Farrell had a wife and kids who could use some financial support. So, a memorial fund has been set up that you can donate to via Paypal.


Tanner M. said...

This is really sad... for obvious reasons, but to burn to death, so terrible. I feel like i've met this guy a few times in past.


Adam said...

We had a band called Soul Tooth years back. He indeed was underage for a good portion of our gigs at Club Toast back in the day.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

So sad. I lived in Oakland, Bloomington and Burlington and am 1 yr older than Evan so I feel like we must have crossed paths at some point. Thanks for your post.