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2007 Year End Survey | Tick Tick

One of the best developments in the Vermont music scene has been Tick Tick. Desiring more indie shows in the area, Tick Tick decided to fill the void by promoting shows in unique venues all over town. Whether, it was in a bar, art gallery or church, if the folks at Tick Tick digged a band, they’d promote the show. In the end, they filled the area with 50 additional shows this year that likely wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

In fact, my favorite show of the year was the one they put together at the Stannard Church for The Capstan Shafts, Joana Kuinin, Horse Feathers and Casey Deniel. Plus, they dig the Kamikaze Hearts like jds and I do.

Julia Lewandoski

1) What was your favorite song of 2007?

In the category of new:

For truly new/new: Nosebleed Island: "Pizza Planet." Off their new album, "More Tales from the Blood Island." You can listen to the whole thing online at www.bunnyhuangrecords.net.

Also new: Bon Iver "Skinny Love."

Also: LCD Soundsystem "Someone Great"

In the category of new to me/the song is in fact a year older than me: Orange Juice: "Upwards and Onwards."

Nosebleed Island | Pizza Planet | Buy

2) What was your favorite album of 2007?

Ryan Power "Is it happening?" Rad!!!

Shawn Grady "My Baby Makes Magic" Also rad!

Paleo "The Song Diary." This is actually on a DVD, it is 365 songs that he recorded while touring for an entire year, writing and recording a song every day. I am awestruck about someone taking on and completing this sort of a project. On his website http://paleo.ws there is also a beautiful photo essay about the last two weeks of it.

3) What was your favorite concert of 2007?

Home Items live at Volga River Trading Company
- you had to arrive promptly at 5:45 or else not get in
- almost everyone arrived via bicycle
- home items is great
- there was dancing
- it was the very beginning of summer

The Gong Bath at the Green Door (I'm pretty sure that was in 2007, it was last winter). There were three gongs and a lot of lying on the floor.

Raccoo-oo-oon and Evan Miller @ Kriya Studio. In part because of the order, loud first and quiet second.

My favorite two shows as Tick Tick the promoters were:

Ramona Cordova, Anna Pardenik, Hello Shark in February. That was a very happy evening that ended in dancing.

Capstan Shafts, Johanna Kunin, Horsefeathers, Casey Dienel and the Flapjacks at the Stannard Church.
This took a lot of planning but was also spontaneous and beautiful and filled with wonderful people and took place in my home town.

4) What was your favorite thing about 2007?

I really like Burlington.

5) What are your best wishes for 2008?

Less pain for the world, in general. Also, extended evening hours for CCTA buses, especially to Winooski, and a better public transportation system all over Vermont.

Dale Donaldson

1) What was your favorite song of 2007?

The song Translation from Ryan Power's newest Is it Happening? (self-released 2007)
The entire album speaks to me, but this song in particular makes me WANT music again. It's so great that such a talented artist resides(sometimes) in Burlington. It's so crazy that he is still so under the radar, it blows my mind. Do yourself a favor...find this album...buy this album...play this album over and and over again...and when your finally exhausted remember one thing...Why Fuck with Magic.

Ryan Power | Is It Happening? | Buy

2) What was your favorite album of 2007?

This is a tough question!!!! I have met so many musicians this year that have produced incredible audible offerings...I think it would have to be the self titled debut of Adrian Orange and Her Band (K Records 2007) It's a fucking masterpiece! It's a perfect combination of Fela Kuti and Portland, OR. It's everything I have ever wanted from an entire album. I was fortunate to see him at radio bean last winter touring with Olympia, Washington's LAKE (who are in fact "Her Band") It was a great show and a sneak peak at what was to become my Fave album of 2007. It makes want to DANCE! and cry...

Notable Awesomeness:

Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals (We Are Free Records)
Ryan Power - Is it Happening? (self released)
Nosebleed Island - Tales from the blood island society (Bunny Huang Records)
Health - S/T (Lovepump United Records)

3) What was your favorite concert of 2007?

This is an Incredibly tough question since Tick Tick has promoted over 50 shows in the last year...The most understated show we promoted that more people should have seen was the Incredible bill that included Viking Moses, Phosphorescent and The Castanets. It was at kriya and 50 people showed up to witness a spectacular meeting of some the most exciting musicians in contemporary folk music today. The most anticipated show was the Capstan Shafts and Johanna Kunin in Stannard, Vermont. It was Magical! Matt lemay From pitchfork came! A lot of our friends from Burlington came! We finally got to hear and see the mysterious Dean Wells perform. It was the first time that I realized how many people we have met over the past year. At the last minute our friends from Portland, OR Horse Feathers (on their way to POP Montreal) and our friends Casey Dienel and the Flap Jacks from Boston, MA (also on their way to POP Montreal) decided to play the show. It was a power house of anticipation, quite ambiance, camaraderie and beautiful music all in a beautiful church in the northeast kingdom. After the show 25 of us a had a huge sleepover at MOMSTERS house. It was epic!

I feel I need to also mention the Health/Yip Yip show at the monkey house! Health is incredible! If you don't know who they are you should check them out! If you get a chance to see them live...DO IT!!! the few people that we there could attest to the uncontrollable energy they gave to us the crowd. You could not..not dance or at least spasmodically flail your body around to some the best music being made today by these handsome boys from LA LA LAND!!!

4) What was your favorite thing about 2007?

1. Seeing less Jam and more AWESOME in Burlington and greater Vermont.
2. The Monkey House!
3. Getting a sweet paper cutter and HUGE drying rack for the studio.

5) What are your best wishes for 2008?

I really hope Mr. Island and Miss Marbles move back to Burlington and I would like to see/help to empower Burlington musicians and artists to continue to bring Burlington front and center as a viable Northeast music and art scene. I don't want to hear anyone say "You can never see any exciting music or art here!" or "They would never come here!" or "I really want to make music...but I 'm not good enough"

If we come together we can do anything!

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