Friday, January 18, 2008

Hispanic Cheddar

It's been a while since we've commented on a commercial here at f45. This morning I came across this article that really caught my eye: Luis Guzmán, the Hispanic character actor, selling Cabot Extra Sharp. He's made a career making stellar performances in bit roles, but selling Vermont Cheddar?

Luis actually happens to be a bit of a gentleman farmer up in rural Cabot, VT (population 1,200)when he's not on a movie set. Which makes sense of the fact that I ran into him and his family during Eliza Lynn's set at Toubab Krewe's Festivus this summer. The Guzmán family sitting in a field surrounded by twirling hippies is quite the sight, but not too far off from seeing him hawking cheddar.

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Tanner M. said...

... I like this comment is really good written.


I too like this post though, something really delightful about Luis diggin' on the Cabot sharp. I'm right there with him, we should hang sometime and i'll introduce him to the Hunter's XXX sharp. That shit is like camping!