Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rock Shows at Dartmouth

For some reason I find it crazy that Dartmouth College is only an hour away. Barely a slingshot from Vermont's eastern banks, it seems like another world. 55 minutes in the car and boom, I'm sitting in the middle of the Ivy League of the north.

Besides searching for Evan and Fogell, it's greatest benefit to this 30 something indie rock fan is the Friday Night Rock series at the school's Rocket Fuel Club. Located in the basement of the student center, RFC presents a handful of fantastic acts each semester. Previous performers include Xiu, Xiu, Bishop Allen, Jens Lekman, Menomena, and The Wrens. Best of all, the shows are free. FREE! Tops was the 10/28/05 Mountain Goats show where Flatlander and I were served a steady stream of free PBR. If that entices you, and/or you don't feel guilt benefiting from someone else's tuition dollars, then take a gander at this semester's show listing.

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