Thursday, January 31, 2008

MLS + Pottery Barn = WTF?

There are lots of signs these days that soccer is here to stay in the US. However, I was smacked with one of the odder ones when I got home from work today and grabbed the mail. In our box was a Pottery Barn Teen catalog and the front cover proudly announced the arrival of their spring MLS Collection.

What the hell!

MLS is a league where the median salary for the players is $53,000 but somehow Pottery Barn has decided that the best way to get people to open their catalog is to promote their MLS Collection of bedding and decorations on the front cover. I guess that's the "Beckham Effect" but it still feels a good sort of way. It's comforting to know that MLS is becoming financially stable but it also leaves you with the same feeling you get when you hear your favorite song being used to sell financial services.

Now, here's another odd thing about the collection...part of the selection of items is a series of four wall murals of individual players. Which four players do you think they chose?

Becks. That's an obvious one.

Landon Donovan. Another obvious one.

Brian Ching. Huh? I guess he's the top striker on the top team in the league so I'll let that one slide.

Kenny Cooper. That's right. Kenny Friggin' Cooper. The guy had a mere four goals in sixteen games last year before getting hurt. How does that qualify him for being promoted as one of the top four players in the league? Where's Eddie Johnson, Taylor Twellman, Juan Pablo Angel and Luciano Emilio?

The only possible reason for including Kenny Cooper is that the folks at Pottery Barn think their customers would be turned off by black and hispanic players. So, they went with the obvious and milquetoast.

Oh, and they're charging $99 for Kenny Cooper's wall mural. Besides Kenny's mom, they ain't gonna be selling many of those.


Tyler M said...

Can't even see Becks's pretty metro face in that "mural"! Weak. They're not gonna sell any.

Although then again I suppose there weren't too many opportunities to get an action shot of Becks in a Galaxy uniform were there?

Anonymous said...

Are you still doubting Kenny Cooper's ability? He's arguably the second best talent of the four, behind Becks. Obviously the non-soccer folks at pbteen have a better idea of soccer talent than you.

Flatlander said...

You're right. I was wrong about Cooper. He's had a hell of a season and will likely make a nice chunk of change on his upcoming transfer. I was wrong about him.