Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Akron/Family coming to VT

The last week in September is looking to be a pretty great time for music in VT given Devendra Banhart on 9/23 and Okkervil River w/ Damien Jurado on 9/24. Now add Akron/Family to that list:

Akron/Family - September 27 - Club Metronome

For those that haven't been baptised in the world of Akron/Family, here's a pretty good description from The Wire: Akron/Family's hushed leftfield pastoralism invite comparison with the loose US scene of folk-derived weirdness ... Immaculately interwoven electronics and the care with which each beautifully recorded track unfolds recall Chicago post-rock ..."

I found their split album with Angels of Light (Michael Gira's experimental folk-rock group) to be one of the best discs of 2005. I've heard epic things about their live shows, of which all members play several instruments and improvisation is prominent. Usually this type of looseness isn't my cup of tea, but in their case I find it to be very engaging, interesting, and fun.

Angels of Light & Akron/Family - Dylan Pt. 2.mp3


Nico said...

They're coming here soon. I need to give them a listen because I've had a few tell me "You HAVE to go to this show..."

greg davis said...

they played a great show back on june 7th at club metronome. im psyched to be playing with them again....