Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Laura Veirs | Saltbreakers

First off, I have to admit that I have a thing for women in glasses. So, perhaps that’s what’s driving my love for Laura Veirs. Who knows? However, I do know that I’m spending a lot of time listening to Veirs’ new album Saltbreakers these days.

If you aren’t familiar with Veirs, here’s some quick math to explain her sound:

Laura Veirs = ((1/3 x Helium’s mysticism) + (1/3 x Sufjan Steven’s instrumentation) + (1/3 x Laura Cantrell’s smooth and beautiful voice)) x (1 + Fontaine Toups' cuteness)

Similar to her last album, The Year in Meteors, there are a few duds spread throughout the disc. However, three-quarters of the album is still immensely enjoyable. In fact, it’s definitely in my top five for the first half of the year and combining the highlights of the two albums makes for a fantastic iPod playlist.

Unfortunately, I missed her performance when she opened for Sufjan Stevens in Montreal two years ago. Hopefully, she’ll come around again.

Laura Veirs | Pink Light | Buy
Laura Veirs | Cast a Hook | Buy


Jeff said...

"Cast a Hook" blows me away. Such a great song.

NDfrom NJ said...


Can you restate that equation using boy bands of the 80's as the elements.


Flatlander said...


Trick question right? Boy bands were from the 90's; not the 80's. Right?

But if I was doing it with boy bands from the 90's, I'd have to cop out and run the same formula with a final part of "+ (N'Sync x (1.1 x (10 ^ -999)))".

How's that work for ya?

NDfrom NJ said...

Just add ! somewhere in there, cause factorials are cool like Fonzi.

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