Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Last Sunday, while I was on a posting hiatus and at the Dylan show, False 45th turned two years old. jds started Latitude 44.2N around the same time and late last year we merged the two blogs into one.

By the way, it was a complete coincidence that jds and I both decided to start blogs at the same time dealing with music and VT. And it was a coincidence that we both chose names associated with local latitudes. We didn’t even really know each other at the time. Just a small world.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting on the posts. Most importantly, thanks for not abandoning the site when jds and I fail to post for a week or two.

One last thing, when a friend talked me into starting this blog, I feared that I’d run out of bands to write about in a few weeks. However, two years later, I’m staring at a piece of paper on my desk with a list of bands, concerts and albums to post about. So, I guess we should say thanks to all the bands out there for constantly churning out good tunes.

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jay said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!