Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In This Century

In This Century is a alt-country/rock type outfit hailing from the "Devil's Washbowl" section of Northfield, VT. The Devil's Washbowl is the setting of the strange Pig Man legend. The story goes that in 1971 the disappearance of a teenage boy and several small animals were punctuated by the sighting of a naked beast with the body of a man and the face of a pig. Supposively there's still occasional sightings and strange "Pig Man" type sounds out in the hollow.

Anyhow, this is where In This Century call home. They aren't as distrubing, but plenty engaging and are opening for Western, MA jammers Reverand Tor Band tomorrow evening at Nectars:

In This Century w/ Reverand Tor Band - July 19 - Nectars

In This Century - The Cage.mp3
In This Century - If I Never Move Again.mp3

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