Monday, July 09, 2007

Vermont Hipster

It isn't too often that a Vermonter gets mentioned as a hipster in a NY Times article. So, I thought it would be worth highlighting this cultural moment.

Jessamyn West (in the orange jacket), who writes the blogs and, was included in an article about how being a librarian is the hot new hipster career. Supporting this theory, I should say that I first met Jessamyn at a Wolf Parade show. Hipster cred, right there.

You can read Jessamyn's post about the article here.


casey said...

Knitting is even hipper, or so I'm told.

I'm gonna go knit me a library.

Rob said...

The DJ photo featured in the Times article is an old friend of mine. It was pretty cool to see that kind of press with him in it.

NDfrom NJ said...

Murf, is this your post and if so are you now giving hipster credit to people for hanging out with you? Was she also knitting a blanket out of old soccer scraves. Admittedly I have the musical taste of a not overly bright 14 year old girl but at least I know that I am still not cool. Except for the word verification word for this post which was qunqx, that is kinda cool.

Flatlander said...

Casey, I made a quilt out of beer towels once. In fact, I sleep with it on cold nights. Is that hipster cred?

Nik, excellent point. I only hope to some day attain the hipster stardom of Richie Heinen and Pete Tomfohrde. That's my goal in life.

Everyone else, I apologize for the inside jokes between Nik and me.

Bob F. said...

I once saw Murf walk through the doors at The Annex in NYC while being on the guest list at a music industry showcase, then hold court in the middle of the room like he was Lester Bangs. Never saw him knit, but I've heard he does hookrug. When's he gonna be in the NYT?

Nico said...

I'm currently getting a master's degree in hipster-ness? Who knew?