Monday, July 16, 2007

The National | Daytrotter Session

Like peanut butter and chocolate, I love it when two of my favorite things come together. That's the situation with The National recording a Daytrotter Session. Love the band. Love the Midwestern studio sessions.

For this session, The National took the opportunity to respond to a fan petition requesting them to add "Lucky You" and "Gospel" to their live set. The band didn't want to add the songs to their regular set though. So, they compromised and recorded them at Daytrotter's studio.

They also do a peppy version of "Slow Show" and a cover of The Psychedelic Furs' "Pretty In Pink" for all you Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer fans. The "Pretty In Pink" cover has already run over its allotment of free downloads. However, you can get it from the blog Let's Sexy Fighting right now.

Additionally, Daytrotter's video sister site, La Blogothèque, has a new pair of videos up from Architecture in Helsinki. Both tunes are from AiH's upcoming album, Places Like This. The angle for the video of the single "Heart It Races" is that AiH put a request out on their myspace page asking fans in Paris to meet them in front of a club for the video shoot. The fans were then told they had to be the choir for the song. As with many La Blogothèque videos, the most entertaining part is watching the random people on the street watching the highly unscripted recording.

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