Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Format | Coming to Higher Ground | Aug 18

Quick. If you're reading this post before midnight on July 16th, stop reading and click on this link. Arizona popsters The Format have made their entire fine 2006 album Dog Problems available for free on their website. Just follow the instructions on their site and start enjoying their Kinks-influenced pop serenades.

You have to sign up for their mailing list to get to the page with the free downloads but they don't verify the email address. So, you could use your ex-girlfriend's email address and it'll work just fine.

The reason I'm encouraging you to grab the album is that 1) the free offer expires on July 16th and 2) a month from now, they'll be gracing the stage of the Grand Ballroom at Higher Ground. That'll give you the right amount of time to fall in love with their pop goodness but not get burned out on it. You should be good and primed by Aug 18th.

Here's the odd thing about the show...there are four other bands on the bill (The Format are the headliners) and the show starts at 6:30. Despite it being a Saturday night, it's unlikely I'll get there in time to catch all the bands but if you don't have a few little kids to put to sleep, it's a good way to hear a lot of bands. $15 ticket / five bands = $3 per band. Plus, their album is free. That's a fine overall indie rock bargain.

The Format | She Doesn't Get It | Buy
The Format | Oceans | Buy

Photo courtesy of karlyherron.

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Peter said...

Argh I'm so angry I can't make this, but I will see Stars!