Sunday, July 15, 2007

Parts & Labor

I feel I've been writing about too many safe bands lately. Pop and dad-rock, if you will. So, here's some hairy dudes from Brooklyn doing electronic-infused fuzz-drenched songs that bring back memories of Hüsker .

Parts & Labor are a trio that formed a few years ago when two of the guys met while working at The Knitting Factory. Since then, they seem to tour constantly. However, according to their extensive list of past shows, they've never played in VT. That's probably why I never heard them until a track from their new album Mapmaker wound up on the KEXP Song of the Day podcast.

If you like that sound of buried vocals in a fog of jangly blurred guitars and scattered electronic
babel, then Parts & Labor are you're new fave band. Or if you just dig guys in scraggly beards.

Parts & Labor | The Gold We're Digging | Buy
Parts & Labor | Vision of Repair | Buy

Here's a live performance of their song "A Great Divide" off their earlier LP Stay Afraid:

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Anonymous said...

You're right about the Husker Du reference. The Stay Afraid album, especially, has that same mix of noise and melody (and angry lyrics) as Zen Arcade. Excellent album, and Mapmaker is even better. I just saw them live in Cleveland recently; they're definitely worth seeing live. Very energetic show.