Saturday, July 07, 2007

US 2 Brazil 1 | U-20 World Cup | UPDATE

For those that missed last night's game, here's about ten minutes of highlights. Be sure to catch two of Freddy Adu's beautiful moves. At the 6:45 mark he makes a cool little backheel pass that springs Jozy Altidore and around 2:50 he uses juggling and dribbling to breakout of the corner and blow past two defenders which lead to the game-winning goal.

Winning the game means the US finished in first place in their group and they get to avoid Argentina in the next round. Plus, depending on the results of some other games, Brazil may have been eliminated. Considering they were a pre-tournament favorite, that was a spectacular win.

UPDATE: All first round games have now ended and the US has drawn Uruguay in the round of 16. The game will be Wednesday night in Toronto. The nice thing is that Uruguay's keeper was red-carded in their last game and won't be available for the US match. If the US wins, they would play the winner of the Austria v Gambia match in the quaterfinals on Saturday afternoon.

One other note, this U-20 World Cup has now sold over a million tickets which makes it the largest sporting event in Canadian history. Considering that Canada has hosted two Olympics, that's impressive. Suck on that, Bob Costas.


mike said...

i am kicking myself for missing this game. thanks so much for posting this. it looks like this should have been the side to go to copa america.

Flatlander said...

If the Copa America team could have just finished a few of their chances...and if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.