Thursday, January 26, 2006

Off to Boston | UPDATE

Well, I'm out of here.

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading down to Boston to spend a kid-free weekend with my wife who is already down there for a convention. It should be a good time of seeing friends and family; and just hanging out with my wife.

The only thing we have planned is seeing Jerry Seinfeld in concert on Friday night. Certainly not a very "edgy" comedian but it should be worth a few yucks.

Hey, let's do a little experiment. A few months ago, I got a lot of traffic to my site when I accidentally misspelled Ronaldinho's name (I forgot the "h"). Basically, a lot of people who made the same mistake with his name found my site after searching for Ronaldino. So, if I spell the comedian's name "Jerry Sienfeld" or "Jery Seinfeld", then we can see how many poor spellers there are out there.

One last note, I'm coming up on a blogging milestone...the 10,000 visitor to the site. You can track it by clicking on the site meter. It should probably happen sometime on Saturday. I won't be around to log who it is but thanks to everyone in general for reading this virtual fishwrap.

See ya next week.

UPDATE: The weekend was a bust. We learned just before dinner on Friday that our daughter was sick so we had to head back to Montpelier first thing Saturday morning. Rather than relaxing and having fun all weekend, we dealt with sleepless nights, fevers and cranky kids. Oh, the joys of parenthood.

We did see Jerry Seinfeld on Friday night. As you'd expect, he spent most of his time on safe subjects like retirement communities and the silly things people say in akward conversations. He did a small bit on the Middle East though which I was surprised by. His best line of the night was about the disclaimer at the end of the Cialis commercial that says, "If your erection lasts more than four hours, please contact a physician." His line was, "I'd like to know what a doctor is going to do about it." That was followed by his impression of a horrified doctor receiving such a call from a patient.

Thanks for the kind words about going over 10,000 visitors. Due to us returning early from Boston, I was able to see the info for the 10,000 visitor. It was somebody from Waterbury Center, VT who came to my site via a link on Highgate to read about The Jazz Guys. That's a good all-around Vermont visitor.


casey said...

Congrats on your blog achievment!

Enjoy Beantown.

Jim said...

Yes, congratulations on your milestone.

Tmax said...

I was off by 15!
Thanks for the entertainment here Murph. Thats why you got to 10k... good stuff for us, central vermont-soccer-indie folks :)

b.f. said...

10,000 blog hits makes you officially an Internet nerd.

You nerd.

K. said...

Word on 10,000. Grats Flatlander.