Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chipmunk Toaster

OK. For a few weeks, I've been joking about my friend Chad's former band Chipmunk Toaster and how Peter Wolf and J. Giels stole the song "Centerfold" from them (obviously, not true). Well, I'm finally getting around to posting their cover of the song. I'm also including a cover of "Sympathy For the Devil" by Chad's other band Gas Station.

Both songs fit the bill for what makes a good cover. They take a well known song and reinterpret it.

On "Centerfold", they pick up it's pace, take the riff towards punk/metal, double up the vocals and be sure to stick around for the blistering coda and whistling finish.

In Gas Station's hands, "Sympathy for the Devil" takes on a more country/bluegrass feel. It sounds like a folk song harkening to the musician-blessing devil at the crossroads rather than the political evils that The Stones pointed towards.

By the way, after being without a band for a while, Chad went to see Art Brut in Chicago recently. After hearing Eddie Argos sing "Formed a Band", he decided he had to form a band. I hope I'm not around when he hears Bonnie "Prince" Billy sing "Death to Everyone".

Chipmunk Toaster | Centerfold (follow the link & choose free download)
Gas Station | Sympathy For the Devil (follow the link & choose free download)

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