Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Jazz Guys

I just heard these guys today for the first time (courtesy of Underpants Records;I knew that site would yield gold) and I'm loving them.

Hailing from Burlington, VT, The Jazz Guys are four guys who don't play jazz. Since their site is short on bio info, I don't know much else about them. However, they seem to have a damn good sense of humor.

Musically, they bang out infectious guitar-driven rocking numbers. The hook to them is that all of the band members sing at once. They aren't necessarily harmonizing but it still lends a very layered sound to the vocals. I'm also loving the drummer. The guy seems to be all over the kit at once.

From what I can tell, they aren't signed to a label. However, they recorded an EP last fall that they aren't selling yet. The two tracks below are from that recording session. Hopefully, they'll be selling it soon though because I'd love to hear the other three songs.

The Jazz Guys | The Best Five Minutes of Your Life
The Jazz Guys | Amanda


Tmoore said...

do you have the rest of the photo's in that series? i hear later they played hide the lufa.

casey said...

Fuckin' A. Jazz Guys.

Flatlander said...

Cetainly one of the odder band photos going but...hey...whatever it takes to grab someone's attention.