Sunday, January 08, 2006

More Vermont Music Blogs | UPDATE

Just a quick note to point out a few more blogs by Vermonters touching on music.

The first one is Underpants Records. The site is brand spanking new and therefore, limited in its posts. However, it may be a good one to bookmark. Bobby Domino is going to regularly post tracks that's he recording; both his stuff and other bands that he's working with. I've heard a few of his tracks and they were pretty good. Hopefully, he'll put them up on the site.

The next one is Highgate. It's written by a guy who plays in the Burlington band, Nest Material, and works at the indie music store, Pure Pop. It largely deals with his personal dealings with daily life. However, when you play in a band and work in a record store, a lot of those personal dealings involve music. Check out his comments on Friday's show (which I'm going to get to in my next post).

The last one is Analog Giant. The site largely covers politics, music and the Chicago Bears (another classic blog combo of topics). Musically, he tends to focus on hip-hop but will occasionally admit to liking an indie band or two. Hey, he has My Morning Jacket in his iPod rotation.

One other blog to shine the light on is (( stereojoe )). The blog has been around for a while but I wanted to note that he's been counting down his top twenty songs of the year. As of yesterday, he was down to #9 (Taxiride's "Oh Yeah").

UPDATE: I got a good tip on another Vermont music blog this morning. The two guys who run Icebox Records in Burlington keep a journal of crap they find on the internet, music, running a record label and whatnot.

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K. said...

Thanks for the Link :) I need to remember to add you to my music blog area keep spacing on it. Cheers.