Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Art Brut | Coming to Montreal | April 2nd

Geez. I can't even get to any regular posts with all of these new tour dates being announced.

Here comes another "must-see" tour. Art Brut, the new Guided by Voices (in the sense of playing fun punk/indie rock with a great frontman and a healthy dose of self-awareness), will be playing La Sala Rossa on April 2nd. It's a Sunday night.

Like Arctic Monkeys, I wouldn't be surprised if this show gets moved to a larger venue. There is a huge buzz around Art Brut right now and their album Bang Bang Rock & Roll is expected to be released in North America sometime over the next few months. However, you can get it right now from iTunes for just $9.99; well below import price. If you want a physical copy, Insound has it on sale for $13.99.

Here's extrawack!'s review of their show at Maxwell's in Hoboken during their last tour in November. Plus, the picture above is from extrawack!'s site. Here is a bit from his post:

Singer Eddie Argos is the best live frontman I've seen since Pelle Almqvist of The Hives, and the entire band were fantastic, even on the new songs that they've not really played much live yet. Argos ventured into the crowd a few times mid-song, whipping up some frenzy while not missing a beat. At one point in the show he picked people out in the crowd and gave advice. His advice to me was to "go out and form a band. Then you can thank Art Brut for making your life better."
That sounds like a good time. I hope to be there.

Art Brut | Good Weekend
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b.f. said...

I'm going to see them again at Bowery this time, but I'm standing in the back lest Eddie sees me and asks me if I've formed my band yet.

Flatlander said...

Come on. Take one for the team. Do something to grab his attention. Aren't you curious what his response would be?