Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best of 2005 | Other Songs

OK. This should finally wrap up my Best of 2005 until next January when I'll post about the 2005 albums that I bought in 2006 and fell in love with.

Every three months, I create a playlist on my iPod and dump my favorite tunes from the last few months into the list. So, here is a dump of the songs that came out in 2005, made one of the playlists but weren't on one of the albums I already mentioned (and I could find a link to).

Archer Prewitt | Judy, Judy (courtesy of Shake Your Fist) | folk pop

Brendan Benson | The Alternative to Love (courtesy of Shake Your Fist) | indie rock

M. Ward | Hi-Fi (courtesy of Last Sound of Summer) | folk

Iron & Wine | Woman King (courtesy of Bows & Arrows) | folk

The Foxymorons | Harvard Hands | indie rock

Sambassadeur | Between the Lines | swedish pop | highly recommended

Magnolia Electric Co. | Leave the City | alt country

Cass McCombs | Sacred Heart | indie rock

Laura Cantrell | 14th Street | folk pop

Mohawk Lodge | Making Music | folk

Architecture in Helsinki | It's 5! (courtesy of Skatterbrain) | australian pop

Math & Physics Club | Weekends Away (courtesy of January is Disasterous) | twee pop

The Cloud Room | Hey Now Now (courtesy of Death to FM) | indie rock | highly recommended

Doveman | Honey | mellow folk

Dangerdoom | A.T.H.F. (courtesy of nialler9) | hip hop

Iron & Wine and Calexico | History of Lovers | folk alt country

The Spinto Band | Crack the Whip | indie rock

The Light Footwork | Coastlines Are Landmines (courtesy of You Ain't No Picasso) | indie rock

Pelle Carlberg | Riverbank | swedish pop

Peter, Bjorn & John | Far Away, By My Side| swedish pop

Chris Brokaw | Move | indie rock

PAJO | Manson Twins (follow the link; choose free download) | folk

Thomas Denver Jonsson | Silverboy| swedish pop

The Zincs | Beautiful Lawyers | indie rock

Tapes 'n Tapes | Cowbell | indie rock


chad said...

Where's the best cover you heard in 2005? =P

I really like "Riverbank".

jds said...

That's a great mix tape.

Is there a better cover then Jose Gonzalez's Heartbeats? Sure it was from early 2004, but it blew up the spot in 2005.

Flatlander said...

Chad is refering to the legendary Chipmunk Toaster which reissued their killer cover of Centerfold this year. Actually, they wrote the original and that sneaky bastard J. Giels stole it from them after a night of speedballing and hookers.

You know what they say...never play unpublished material when your speedballing and J. Giels is in the house.

I'm going to post about it this weekend.

K. said...

Nice to see some hip hop sneak on there Flatlander ;)

Anonymous said...

best cover recorded in '05 was 'i remember' by chris brokaw.